Introductory Resources

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PDF file

Generic flyer

Come Lord Jesus flyer.png

Promotional video - are you in?

Video to use during prayer session (to feel a part of the global relay)

Explainer video - answering key questions in detail

Andy Kennedy & Olly Goldenberg introduce the Come Lord Jesus prayer relay and answer some questions for those who want to know more.

Skip to the question you want answered:

00:00 1. What's the vision for Come Lord Jesus?

02:11 2. What does a prayer session look like?

09:15 3. How can I get involved?

11:44 4. What do the national co-ordinators do?

16:30 5. What day do I pray and how do I know what nation do I pray for?

19:18 6. Where can I find more resources?

23:29 7. And finally ....


Sample Prayer Time and national briefings

Sample zoom prayer time

Sample schedule for a

zoom prayer time.

Praying at home

Praying Come Lord Jesus 

in a home setting

Praying CLJ at home cover_edited.jpg

Prayer Activity Ideas

Creative prayer

Creative prayer ebook

by King's Kids Lebanon

Prayer over map.png
Prayer over map.png
Nation shapes quiz

Find the shapes of the nations as you pray for them.

Old Globe
Old Globe
Games you
can pray

Prayer activities and ideas

by Andy Kennedy

games you can pray.png
games you can pray.png
Prayer for a nation craft

Using play doh to pray

by Chip Kendall

Chip K Cover
Chip K Cover

Prayer Fuel (external sites)

Joshua Project

Prayer fuel for every nation in the world,

with interactive map.

4K Mapping

Nations broken up into groups of 4000 people. Local data for local prayer.

Operation world

Prayer points for every country, listed in alphabetical order.

Prayer cast

Prayer fuel and videos for every nation.


In Depth Guides

Parents guide

Fantastic in depth resources and ideas from Australia.

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Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 16.32.37.png
Children's pages

Ideas and activity page for children from Australia.

Prayer for the Muslims

Kids prayer guide for

Muslim world 

Prayer for muslim world image
Prayer for muslim world image

Theme song

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