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USA (praying for India)


I prayed with my Disciples Team at Southlands on Friday and they thought it was "so cool" to be praying with other kids around the globe! We prayed via Zoom.  One prayer for India that seemed to really have an anointing on it was when someone prayed against the traditions of men.  You could sense the weight on it.  Most of the prayers Friday centered around health, safety, and knowing Jesus.  The highlight was really the kids' excitement and that one prayer regarding traditions.  


Today, I led our church group of kids from 2nd - 6th grade in prayer, again, via Zoom. They also thought it was exciting! Most of these kids are Indonesian - American and have been to Indonesia so they have seen and know about other gods, and poverty situations. These kids are not as developed in prayer, but there are a few who prayed boldly.  They were mostly focused on salvation and knowing Jesus. 

USA - MN report

Here is our report. Jeff will send the photos separately. We started with fellowship around an Indian meal, but totally forgot to take a photo until AFTER our prayer time, when some folks had already left and the table didn't look quite so nice--ah, well!!


We connected with two new-to-us families related to this! One was able to come, one wasn't. The family that WAS able to come were so happy to be here (They both love India!)...and the one that couldn't (a single mom and two kids, with their husband/father just having passed away and them having just moved to our community) was REALLY happy to be invited. We will have them over eventually. Thus, the prayer event was a good open door!


USA Praying for India, in Cambridge, MN


We had a rather small (10 people, all ages) group that gathered to have a delicious Indian meal (Some of us wore Indian clothing ☺), followed by a special time of prayer for India. There were prayers for joy and hope for the Christians in India, and for protection against persecution (and/or strength from the Lord in the midst of persecution). We prayed that their joy and hope would draw others to the Lord. Someone received Psalm 32:6-7, which confirmed the prayers for protection.


We prayed for Onen, Britta and Niko, our KKI co-workers working in the mountains of northern India, especially for protection and favor with the government as they carry out mercy and evangelism ministry there.


Someone had a vision of the sun rising over India, bringing light to chase away the darkness; we knew this represented the light of Jesus!!! We were excited to find out that someone had received Isaiah 60:1-2 and 60:19-20, which completely confirm the vision of the LIGHT OF JESUS rising over India and expelling darkness there!

A six year old drew a picture of Indian people hiking up a mountain, and then told us that there was a gate at the top of the mountain (which she included in her picture). We felt like this was a vision of many believers heading up the "mountain of the Lord" and entering into His gates (Isaiah 60: 11 was mentioned).


A mother/daughter duo prayed that God would raise up an army in India, that the Holy Spirit would be poured out there, that Christians would be covered with the blood of Jesus, that they would have strength in the midst of persecution, and that God would be glorified in India.


We were all happy to be involved!


Kathy, Jeff and Eva 

Argentina (praying for USA)


Colombia (praying for USA)

United Kingdom

UK (praying for Colombia & Argentina)