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  • Who is it for?
    Children, young people, families and all ages together.
  • What is the purpose?
    To encourage the next generation to engage with intercession for the world. To unite all ages in different nations in prayer.
  • What does it mean to join in?
    Join a prayer movement of the next generation that goes around the world. In each season the baton of prayer stays with a nation for 24 hours before moving on to the next nation. In that time you can gather with people from your family, church or other groups to pray together.
  • What are the key prayer themes?
    Come Lord Jesus: In my life (for personal revival) In my nation In another nation In the world (that the Gospel willl spread) To the world (maranatha).
  • How will it work?
    Each nation will be given a specific day during which they can meet in small groups at some point for 60-90 minutes. Each nation will have a co-ordinator who will facilitate the day of prayer in their nation (see co-ordinators role, below).
  • How can I join in?
    Take a look through this website and contact your national co-ordinator to register your interest. If you do not have a national co-ordinator please contact us through our contact page.
  • What resources will be provided?
    Prayer ideas, prayer fuel and a space for groups to feedback any specific words or prayer lines that people receive for their nation and other nations as they prayed will all be available on this website.
  • How large should each group be?
    There is no restrictions, from one child praying alone, to a family, a whole church or stadiums.
  • When is the next event?
    The first event was held in December 2020 as a pilot for 8 nations. Events have been held every year since. The next events after Easter until Pentecost 2024.
  • Why should we be part of this?
    This allows you and your children to be part of a global movement praying for the world. It will help them grow in intercession and connect with the church worldwide, praying for other nations, for the Gospel to go to the four corners of the earth and for Christ to return.
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